Milagris School – Sawantwadi

School Discipline

  1. Each student should look after his / her own belongings. The school will not be responsible for anything that is missing.
  2. Parents are advised that they do not give their wards fancy things to be brought to school. Gold Jewellery will not be Besides being a source of distraction, it can also lead to different aspects of indiscipline. Students can be liable to disciplinary action on these grounds by the school.
  3. Students cannot leave their classrooms without the prior permission of the teachers in the class.
  4. During school hours, students are expected to observe silence not only in the classroom but also in the corridors and the school premises.
  5. During the interval, the students should strictly follow the instructions of the Prefects, Deputy Prefects in order to maintain discipline of the school.
  6. Running, playing and shouting in the school building or in the school premises during school hours is not permitted.
  7. Students are forbidden to throw paper or ink on the floor of the classroom or the Waste paper should be disposed in the dustbin.
  8. Students are strictly prohibited from entering the staff room until they are permitted to do so. Students are not allowed to use the toilets meant for the staff members.
  9. Every student should show a high quality of good behaviour and mannerism, both within and outside the school. Lack of courtesy and disrespect to any member of the school staff will be treated with severe disciplinary
  10. The school will take severe action again immoral behaviour or attitude shown by the students both within and outside the Students indulging in immoral behavior will be liable to dismissal from school.
  11. Each student must have his own school diary & I – card & bring the same to school everyday. Parents should check the diaries regularly. A student who mutilates or loses his school diary / I – card will have to pay a fine as prescribed by the school administration and procure a new one.
  12. School Stationery: Students should buy the required stationery from Milagris Shaley Vastu Bhandar.