Milagris School – Sawantwadi

The School Emblem

“Knowledge to Serve in Love”

The emblem has four sections, each one depicts a special feature.

Section I The Coconut tree : It is known as the ‘Kalpavruksha’. It symbolizes the Konkan region. It fulfils all the dreams of human beings.

Section II The letter ‘M’ and a ‘Crown’.

A : The letter ‘M’ : ‘M’ stands for Our Lady of Milagris, the patroness of the school.

B : Crown : headpiece, symbol of honour. It symbolises success, either desired or achieved; realization of expanded awareness.

It contains jewellery like Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Opal, Pearl, Ruby & Sapphire.

C : Jewel : Things we, treasure are

Section III A book and a candle.

Book : It is a true source of knowledge, bundle of memories, other people’s opinion; things you have learned from experience; attitude towards learning, inherited wisdom, spiritual awareness.

Candle : Like a candle we reach out in service by our hard work and self sacrifice. As light dispels the darkness so knowledge dispels the darkness of ignorance.

Section IV Church : Church is a symbol of unity. Jesus Christ came to unite the whole of mankind. This mission is being fulfilled through the school is the where school is the centre of transmission of values of life.