Milagris School – Sawantwadi

Message from President

The meaning of the word Milagres or Milagris is a miracle – an action which is performed by the Divine. But even in the case of miracles, there is always an instrument.

Since 1941, Milagris High School, which is managed by the Diocese of Sindhudurg, has been a temple of learning and education for thousands of students over the past decades, thus being a miraculous instrument in the lives of our students, providing them a springboard to jump ahead
in life.

Many of our Milagrians are serving as doctors, engineers, teachers, government officials, priests, nuns and in other fields; they are truly a testament of the foundational education they received in our school.

All our students were and are carefully formed, taught and cared for by the sub-instruments of miracles – our teachers of Milagres High School and the auxilium staff, who for decades played a spectacular role in the lives of our students. Most  importantly, they are taught to be good human beings and do good in society in one way or another. They have and are living the motto of the school – ‘Knowledge to Serve in Love’ by lovingly selflessly serving to impart knowledge.

I take this opportunity to pay my honour all the past principals, teachers, staff and students for their participation and contribution towards the growth of this school. And with the launch of this website, I want to congratulate the current principal Fr Richard Saldanha and his team and all the teachers of the Milagris School for this initiative. It is indeed gratifying to experience to see how the school. I believe that this portal will be beneficial for the students and their parents
to seek information about the school.